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Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Why Blogs Matter: Two Examples

As Dave Rogers notes today:

"There has been such a flurry of writing about blogs lately that I can't keep up. I even admit to not even caring to keep up. Enough is enough.

With that off my chest, there's still more to say!"

Guess I'm guilty of being swept up in the flurry. Part of me says, "Shut up,already! Change the subject." But as Dave suggests, the urge won't die. When something is opening up a new world of possibilities, as blogging seems to be doing, how can you not communicate about it? I'm so glad Dave recognizes that, despite his weariness.

OK, so here are two wonderful examples of why I think blogging matters:

First, there's the informative explanation of copyright law, provided by Denise Howell in Gonzo Engaged, and again in a later post. How much do you think this would have set you back in legal fees? But Denise, God bless her, and other generous, seemingly inexaustible contributors are enriching us with their commitment to the blogging world.

My other example is David Weinberger, who blogged in entertaining detail his experiences at the Technology, Entertainment, and Design Conference just concluded in Monterey. Thanks to David, we were able to be almost virtual attendees at this interesting affair.

Just to supplement and conclude this. I want to note the outstanding piece on blogging by journalist Andrew Sullivan. Acknowledgemnts to Tom Matrullo in for steering me to it, and for putting in some excellent views of his own on blogging.

How I love getting steered here and there by such sharp observers! How much my universe has expanded since getting into blogging. And this is only the beginning.

Was it Chris Locke who said or quoted, "It makes you fall in love with the world all over again." I'm going to see if I can find that full quote and blog it.


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