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Monday, April 08, 2002

Bloggin'Time Again

Back from an outstanding three-day trek through the Sierra foothills and old Gold Rush towns. The resplendent hills greeted us in their full springtime green, carpeted with wildflowers, criss-crossed by the first melt of the High Sierra rushing through the many rivers and streams. We meandered through back-country roads, refreshed ourselves in lively 19th century saloons, and hiked over some gorgeous trails. It's tough to come back.

So now it's time to revive the blog. Jeneane's gotten over her blogging funk, and is now back in the groove. So I guess I'll follow her lead.

Sports Serendipity

Our baseball Giants have had a phenomenal opening while we were away. Only team in the majors still undefeated. Barry Bonds starting right up where he left off last year. Got to get out to PacBell Park. It promises to be an exciting year.

After the wonderful surprise of my Indiana Hoosiers in the NCAA, this latest news has made for quite a serendipitous month, sports-wise.


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