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Thursday, June 06, 2002

Bring Me a Napkin

As a born-and-bred, albeit expatriate Midwesterner and parent of a Wisconsin resident, all I need to make me happy is a brew and a brat, the Dairy State's dynamic duo. R.W. Apple, the guy with the world's greatest job--traveling food commentator for the New York Times--writes today from the home of the brat, the damn-the-cholesterol king of comfort food.

While only a brat from Wisconsin can be considered the genuine article, Apple discovers that the most genuine of the genuine is to be found in the pleasant working-class town of Sheboygan. Get out a napkin to catch the drool as you read his ode to great piece of Americana.

(Note to Frank Paynter, who seems melancholy at times with life in Madison, take a drive over to Sheboygan to revive your spirits--although I must say, from my own experience, your own local State Street Brats seems to fit the bill very nicely. But, then, I'm not the connoisseur that Apple is).


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