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Friday, January 17, 2003

The Muse Splits

This has probably been my thinnest week of blogging since I started—excluding the times that I was away on vacation. I’ve simply had nothing to say. I used to be embarrassed and upset by these dry spells—and afraid of losing readers.

I think I have a better perspective now. I’ve seen lots of mighty fine bloggers go through dry spells. It doesn’t dim their luster. I’m also realizing, perhaps more clearly than before, that my main reason for blogging is to engage in the pleasure of writing, and to have it appear somewhere for public scrutiny.

If I have nothing to say—as sometimes I don’t—trying to force the writing is no longer an act of pleasure. It becomes work. Why would I want to inflict that upon myself after having spent many a sweaty hour in my working life trying to cough up suitable scribblings for some boss or client?

As for losing readers, why would I want to get involved in that mindset? It’s the blogger’s version of making the sale. Now that I’m transitioning to the sunset years, why would I want to engage any further in the selling game—which is what the grasp for readers actually amounts to.

Having said that, I absolutely love having readers. But that can’t be the purpose of my blogging if it’s to remain a fulfilling avenue of pleasure. So—the dry spell will end when it ends, and the blog will move forward. Until then, my apologies for the current vacuum.


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