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Monday, February 24, 2003


Wasn’t I just observing a few days ago that, even when bloggers quit blogging, they can’t stay away? Mike Sanders, for example, seemed to have hung it up pretty definitively a few months back. Yeah, right!

I like one of his stated reasons for returning: “To fill the colleague-void created by working at home.”

I can’t stand the other one: “If I stop, then the terrorists will have won.”

If the second reason trumps the first in Mike’s subsequent posts, then he’ll have lost me once again as a reader. However, if the first reason prevails, I’ll be around. Mike’s a good writer and an inquiring mind. I really enjoyed his blog before his slide into war-blogging.

Mike is making sounds that he might be considering going back to the mellower tone that was characteristic of his earlier blogging—back before he descended into his seemingly daily flights of negativity that led to a bout of high-profile rancor among some in the blogging community.

I told Mike that I only “de-blogrolled” him because of inactivity, not politics. I said I would put him back on my roll unless he tells me that he doesn’t want to be associated with my political views.

Mike was very kind to me when I first started blogging, so I have no problem with having him back on the roll. I just hope to hell he means it when he says that his new blogging will be “without anger.”


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