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Monday, March 04, 2002

Another Buddy Who Writes

No sooner do I have an insight about a friend who would be a great candidate for blogging than another one pops up. This time it's Ed Minczeski, my old college buddy and one-time fellow traveler on the booze/poetry/find chicks-who-like-writers circuit. His email awaits me in my in-box. We manage to get off our asses every six months or so to exchange news.

Ed managed a more successful transition to respectability than I did. Sold a ton of insurance here in the Bay Area, then packed it in and moved up to Jackson Hole with lovely wife, Harriet. Somehow, they manage to scrape by in the playground of the gazillionaires. Ed sells the odd parcel of real estate, and Harriet, interior decorating. So if you've got the bread and want to buy a slice of heaven, Ed's your man. If you've already got your slice and need to redo it, get Harriet.

Anyway, Ed would be a flat-out natural for this blogging scene--a man who can really turn a phrase. And, he's got a bit of the Gonzo in him--a man who can get downright Hunter Thompson-esque on occasion, given the right mix of fuel. Matter of fact, Ed may well be the guy who turned me on to the original Gonzo, come to think of it. So back atcha, Ed. I'm going to bug your ass about bloggerdom.


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