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Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Rants From the High Country

Ed Minczeski declines my invitation to blog, but does manage to exercise his writing jollies in his latest email, ranting on matters political. Ed lives in Jackson, Wyoming where our fearless VP occasionally repairs to his ranch.

Ed had asked if my wife was seeing a spike in her therapy practice due to angst stirred by terrorism. I replied that the greater fear around my neck of the woods was of Ashcroft, Cheney, and Gang--which was just paranoia as usual around here. Thus, no perceptible increase in the shrink business. Ed replies:

"You're absolutely right on as to who's the scariest of them all. Don't forget to include Trent Lott & that bunch of bible thumping abortion clinic bombers. Do you know when Cheney comes to hang out in his little Jackson hideaway we get to listen to round-the-clock F-16 patrols, which is absurd. Those guys are orbiting at 20,000 ft. which means an assassin in a motorized hang glider could be in and gone and never show up on a radar screen. That's probably why they've got sharpshooters all over the place, in the dim thought such an attempt could be foiled from the ground. It's very dark around here on moonless nights.

But will anything dissuade the D.C. maniacs from plunging into the Iraqi snakepit, compromising our relationship with Israel in the process? I'm sure they'd like nothing more than to use the promise of Arab support for such an endeavor as a pretext for selling out the Israelis. At least that's the way I read it. There's plenty of anti-semitism , rampant & latent, in this country to support pulling the plug - I hear it all the time. The wind never has stopped blowing against the Jews."

Selling out the Israelis? That's a stretch. Too many cold nights on the high plains fueling your conspiracy demons, Ed? But anti-semitism? Unfortunately, my good friend, you're right. That ain't no fantasy.


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