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Saturday, March 16, 2002


Searls and Weinberger are on the warpath--and rightfully so. The object of their ire is the dastardly Security Systems Standards and Certification Act being put forward by Fritz Hollings and his Senate Commerce Commitee. Doc is proposing a march on Washington. Right on, Doc! Charter some buses for us Left Coasters and let's go descend on the Capitol.

Here's some of what Dr. W had to say:

"The venal, frightened a-holes we call U.S. congresspeople are getting close to enacting legislation that will effectively kill the sharing of creative works, and will hamstring the US computer industry for that matter. The Security Systems Standards and Certification Act is Fritz Hollings' extremist response to the entertainment industry's demand to have their stranglehold on creativity backed by law and hardware."

This is scary stuff, folks. Get off your duffs and let 'em know how you feel.. The addresses and phone numbers of the members of the Senate Commerce Committee are here. You can send an email to Hollings via a Web form here. Do it!


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