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Wednesday, March 06, 2002

My Favorite Advice

Highly interesting stuff over at Mike Sanders outstanding blog, Keep Trying. Before going into that, let me say, that in using the same template as Mike's, I hope that no one interprets that as imitative. There are only so many Blogger templates, after all.
Mike's work stands as a model for me--a fine example of what can be done with a blog. However, I would be a fool to attempt to imitate what he does so well.

Mike has unleashed a torrent of interesting comments with this challenging question:

"Anybody have any thoughts on life and beyond? "

I'll pass on that one, except to repeat a sentence from A.K.M.Adam's response to Mike's question:

"I try my best to go where I'm called, and to help neighbors along the route that looks right to me."

Actually, I do have a thought about life, come to think of it, but definitely not about the beyond. Mike states that he finds Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People primarily a spiritual approach. Well, maybe…. at least in the sense that Covey asks you to locate the governing principles that underlie and animate your life. Can't argue with that.

As for Covey's advice, "Be Proactive / Begin With the End In Mind / Put First Things First," can't argue with that either--if Achievement is what matters most in life.

Personally, for my advice, I turn to Jean Shinoda Bolen. She's had much more impact for me than Covey's bromides:

1) Be the container that holds the dichotomies that are present in your life

2) Show up

3) Tell the truth (most especially to yourself)

4) Be unconcerned for the outcome


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