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Thursday, March 07, 2002

Jeneane Leaps Forward

Jeneane proposes a model whereby blogging might become an income-generating enterprise. Pie in the sky? It's a possibility, but I wouldn't dismiss her ideas just yet. Here's a sample (in which she's referring to the Gonzo Engaged team blog):

"Think of how easy and smart it would be for companies to throw us some work over on RGE. They might leave us a post in some yet-to-be-made blog request box "Need help marketing from our audiences inward, from the bottom up--you guys have any ideas?" Then we launch a private team blog off of RGE, add the client to that blog with the specialists from RGE that are the best at solving that particular problem, and the conversation moves forward. Ideas, applications, web sites, collateral all spawn from that. Of course, the client pays to join the private team blog, and for everything we do to put our ideas into action. cha-ching."

Keep those ideas coming, girl! Meanwhile, check out her full piece.


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