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Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Accepting the Risk

The other day, I got a nasty reply from someone—a non-blogger—who somehow stumbled onto my site. She really let off a head of steam. Accused me of being “archaic” and a “know-it-all,” along with a reference to a body part (or a four-footed animal often referred to in the Bible. Take your pick)..

Just to be sure, I ran it by my number one bullshit and reality-checker, i.e., my dear wife, to see if, by some chance, my offending post had unconsciously been communicated from aforementioned body part rather than my heart and head.

Jill put on her psychotherapist’s hat, and pronounced, “pure projection,” —which, I assume is professional shorthand for the act of distorting external reality by confusing it with inner reality.

Thus satisfied, I was going to let it go at that. But on reflection, I saw that maybe my accuser had a point. Or at least there might be a lesson to be gleaned from this odd interchange. It made me look at blogging anew.

S/He who blogs makes a conscious choice to accept the risk of going public. It has a profound effect on one's relationship with one's self--at least it has for me, and for many of the bloggers with whom I interact. One thing that it's allowed me to do is to explore my personal sense of authenticity and to claim my own authority, which was under-developed for many years.

I suppose that, sometimes, in the course of this exploration and experimentation with authority-development, I over-compensate and risk coming across like a "know-it-all,” i.e., a smart-ass. I hope not, but if I do, it's the chance I take in writing a public blog.


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