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Sunday, September 22, 2002

Multiple Skewering

The sorry spectacle of the tail-between-the-leg Democrats--“Politics Over Principle”-- is the subject of David Broder’s excellent editorial in the Washington Post today.

Meanwhile, at the NY Times, Maureen Dowd is at her best. Some samples:

“Don't feel bad if you have the uneasy feeling that you're being steamrolled. You are not alone. . . Bush is like the guy who reserves a hotel room and then asks you to the prom.

. . . So former Nixon officials Cheney and Rummy are playing out their own "Four Feathers," rescuing the lost honor of the American empire in the sands of Arabia. They want to stomp on Saddam to exorcise the specters of Vietnam and Watergate — the ethical relativism, the lack of patriotism, the postmodern angst, the loss of moral authority, the feeling that America is in decline or in the wrong, the do-whatever-feels-good Clintonesque ethos.

. . . .The Cheneys, who have been known to invite dinner guests at the vice presidential mansion to sing along to "Home on the Range," think they can restore a sunnier, more can-do mood to our society. Even if it takes incinerating Baghdad to do it.

. . . .This is fine with W., who stayed 50's through the 60's and stopped liking the Beatles when they got into their "weird psychedelic period." He arrived at Yale and Harvard Business School just as the white male WASP ascendancy was slipping. He was in that small coterie of bewildered guys in wide-wale corduroy trousers, Izod polo shirts and Sperry Topsiders, surrounded by wild and crazy hippies protesting the war and smoking roaches.”

No More Fog

My wife is concerned that I've left the impression out in the blogosphere that I'm in favor of going into Iraq. It's true, I toyed with the idea for a while and expressed some of my ambivalence in a few blog posts. So I guess she's right. I need to clear the air. And it was the incomparbly clear air of New Mexico that helped me come out of my mental fog. Somewhere out on the broad expanse of the high desert, where reality is easier to grasp, I snapped out of it and returned to my senses. No incursion into Iraq unless it's strictly a UN operation.


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