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Sunday, September 15, 2002

Slothful Sunday

On Sunday mornings, I like to roll over in bed, reach for the remote, and punch up CBS Sunday Morning. They usually do a nice job of covering what’s happening in arts and entertainment. Today, the rock music writer, Bill Flanagan, reviews some of the best CD’s coming out in the ensuing fall season. They include some old favorite artists of mine that haven’t been heard from very much lately. In fact I was beginning to fear that they might be fading from the scene.

Not to worry. Tom Petty, Mark Knopfler, and Sinead O’Connor will be coming our way soon --sounding, Flanagan opines, better than ever. In addition, he also cites the excellent new British group, Coldplay. But I’ll reserve my judgement on them until I’ve heard the CD.

It’s a rare day of wall-to-wall excitement on the tube today. 49ers vs. Denver Broncos. Then Raiders vs. Steelers. Not to mention the A’s and the Giants, both in exciting races for the playoffs. My remote is going to be humming all day.

As exciting as all of this is, however, it pales next to the TV event of the year—the long awaited beginning of the new season of The Sopranos. What a way to cap off a day of delicious sloth! In fact, we’re treating it as a mini-celebration. My older son, Aaron, is coming over with his girlfriend and we’re whipping out the wine, cake and ice cream to accompany Tony, Carmella, and Family.

I’ll be reaching for the Visine tomorrow


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