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Thursday, September 12, 2002

At Long Last—Comments Up!!

After months of frustration trying to get into the YACCS server to set up Comments, George Partington, bless his soul, has turned me on to HaloScan. He said that it was a cinch to install, and he was right.

Now, finally, you can talk back to me without having to email. I have to be honest, though. I find it a bit daunting to have all those goose eggs sitting out there at the end of each post. On the other hand, several people have bugged me about not having a Comments capability. You know who you are, so now that I’ve succumbed to your cajoling, I expect to see some action in the form of scintillating commentary.

George assures me that he’s had no problems with HaloScan. Hope I have the same experience. Many thanks to you, George, and to the folks at HaloScan for having servers you can actually access.


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