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Monday, August 12, 2002

Blog Brothers?

Elaine has resurfaced the suggestion--originally floated by Jeneane--that the men consider forming their own gender blog:

"So, how about it guys. Might it be the right time to give the Blog some deeper insights into the male heart? Might you be the brave ones to stand together next to the Sisters and show another other side of the human story?"

This has generated an interesting exchange of comments following Elaine's post--especially from Dave Rogers. I don't expect the male group blog to get any more traction this time around than when Jeneane floated it. Nothing wrong with the idea, mind you, I just don't think the guys are into it.

Am I speaking for myself? Probably. I'll echo Richard Cody and leave it at that.

"if some(male)body was to start the XY counterpart to Blogsisters, I can't say for sure that I would not participate. Until then, however, anybody who visits my blog will get a glimpse into this male's heart, mind and various squishy bits."


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