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Saturday, July 27, 2002

Blogblock, Cont'd

Many thanks to Dave Rogers, who sends me a nice note of support and encouragement regarding my current difficulties with "blogger"s block," or blogblock, to use his term. Dave offers his empathy, having experienced similar difficulties himself. He recalls the time when quotes from his blog started showing up around the blogosphere:

" I choked. It became much more difficult to blog. And I still find it difficult when I find that folks are looking forward to what I'm saying. I end up feeling like I need to say something really important and wise. (Kinda like what AKMA and DW do as a matter of routine)."

Some days I get around this by simply chatting about some tidbit from my daily life--as I did in yesterday's post. Most days, however, are too uneventful to provide any fodder for El Blog. I'm not a Doc Searls dashing off to one interesting conference after another. I'm in awe of those bloggers--Halley Suitt is perhaps a good example--who can take some seemingly insignificant little thing from their life and spin it into a fascinating blog post.

Anyway, thanks again to Dave for his support.


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