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Sunday, July 14, 2002

Love and Kisses

Well, I guess that Frank Paynter has catapulted me into the big time. Doc Searls has added me to his blogroll (thanks, Doc!). And none other than John C. Dvorak has read my blog and emailed a mild protest.

A few days ago, in a post praising Dave Rogers, I injected a snide reference to Dvorak:

"Is it my imagination or do I hear John C. Dvorak bitching in the background about bloggers falling all over each other in mutual suck-up? That's right, Mr. D. There's already too much love in the world. We have to put a stop to it)."

Dvorak writes:

"I am not bitching in the background! Mumbling to myself..MAYBE. kisses"

OK, John, I'll own up to it, I got carried away. But you have to admit, you made yourself an irresistible target.


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