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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Paynter On Fire

Frank's latest interview--Dorothea Salo this time--has hit the blogosphere. As Denise Howell comments, he's on fire. Right you are, Denise! Frank's interviewing skills just keep getting sharper. He can draw out the interesting personal, even intimate details. He can ask brainy high tech questions. He can relate to the subject's intellectual interests and pose relevant questions thereon. He can talk the old-boy shit and swap reminiscences with geezers like me.

What a great subject Dorothea was--and more on that in a moment. It's been a rather humbling experience to have my interview appearance sandwiched in between two such talents as Halley Suitt and Dorothea. But I'm not complaining. It was a gratifying adventure

Anyway, I was moved by Dorothea's level of self-honesty about her choice to be childless. Nothing even comes close in my life to the high--and the deep satisfaction--of being a parent. But I'll be the first to say that if you really don't want to have kids, DON'T HAVE 'EM. You're doing the world and yourself a big favor. I have a world of respect for Dorothea and her husband for their forthright decision. I would be surprised if she doesn't get a lot of support for this from readers of the interview.

I have to address something in one of Dorothea's responses. She found it odd that I was looking into the question of "rules" around the matter of who you put on your blogroll:

"Tom Shugart just blogged about blogroll etiquette, when to add or remove someone from your blogroll. I had no idea anyone thought there were rules to it. I instinctively grasp that removing someone from your blogroll could be seen as a slight, but rules about adding someone? Weird."

I wasn't looking for rules. I was trying to explore the various opinions I had encountered on the subject. I can understand the notion that it's a non-issue. Your blogroll is your own damn business. There are no rules. I was speculating on what, for Jordon Cooper, and potentially for me at some future point, had become a matter of concern: should one limit one's blogroll to a certain length? If so, when does it become too long? Is there such a thing as a blogroll being too long? Are there ways of organizing it to get around the problem? If you decide to limit it, what are your criteria for who goes and who stays? For some bloggers, it's a non-issue. For others, it isn't. So be it. I think I'll write to Rebecca Blood for her input on the matter. Maybe she's already covered it in her new book. I've ordered it but it hasn't arrived. If she has, and somebody knows about it, drop me a line and I won't bug her.

Anyway, back to the main point of this post. Congratulations to Frank and Dorothea!


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