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Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Gracias Mr.Rogers

Thanks to Dave Rogers for his extraordinarily kind remarks on my interview with Frank Paynter. It's especially gratifying since Dave is one of my favorite bloggers. ( Is it my imagination or do I hear John C. Dvorak bitching in the background about bloggers falling all over each other in mutual suck-up? That's right, Mr. D. There's already too much love in the world. We have to put a stop to it).

Anyway, the only problem with Dave's blog is that he doesn't do it all the time. Lately, though, he's been churning it out, and we are pleased. I'm glad that Dave doesn't hold my being a Northern Californian against me. I'm something of a freak among the northerners as I actually enjoy the Southland almost as much as the home territory up here. Sorry, Dave, but you won't be able to suck me into this NorCal/SoCal argument.


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