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Saturday, July 13, 2002

A Proud Family

Congratulations to our cousin Chuck Tauman on his nomination for Trial Lawyer of the Year--in recognition of his work in a landmark case against tobacco giant Phillip Morris! The whole family is thrilled and raises it glasses in a proud toast.

Trial lawyers are a group that Americans love to hate--a sentiment eagerly fanned by the conservative politicians who enjoy making them a convenient whipping boy. One of a number of cheapshot ways of diverting attention from actual problems facing society.

One reason the right hates them so much is that the trial lawyers are prodigious contributors to the Democrats. It wasn't always that way. They used to have divided political allegiances, pretty much like the rest of society. The conservatives drove them into the arms of the Dems with their incessant vindictiveness.

I think it's a bum rap for the most part. Yes, there are some sleazeballs out there. But I'll bet that there are a hell of a lot more trial lawyers who are like Cousin Chuck. Chuck toiled in obscurity for years on behalf of the little guys whose health and well-being had been grossly abused by big bucks environmental rapists and other big money interests.

Chuck has never given a shit about money or fame. He's motivated by one thing--justice for his clients. I think he's probably a bit embarrassed about the amount of money he's likely to come into. Knowing Chuck, it won't go into any ostentation, that's for sure. He'll probably use it to finance some more tough battles ahead. And, most likely, a fat check to some of the causes vilified by Bush, Cheney, and Gang.


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