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Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Shuckin' The Shrub

Profuse thanks to Frank Paynter for introducing us to Annie Mason--his latest interviewee. What a find! This salty Army veteran and chemical-plant worker sounds like the kind of gal any guy would love to hang with--unless he's a blithering idiot or stiff-necked traditionalist afraid of strong women.

I love her words on Our Leader. They are especially delicious coming from a bona-fide member of the Texas working class:

"I cannot forgive the Republican Party for not being able to find any better candidate to run for office than the shrubbery. There had to be SOMEONE other than a wealthy, illiterate, uncaring, derelict from duty, party boy to put in the White House. I understand that they were hell-bent on getting a GOP candidate back in office, but the shrub?!?

This guy is going to shoot his own foot while he swallows it and we, the people, are going to end up being the ones hurt. I cannot apologize for the way I view this excuse for a human being."

Welcome, Annie, to the Kingdom of Blogaria! Hope you get those links up soon.


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