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Tuesday, July 16, 2002


Jonathan is back from six months in Europe, looking great. He's moved another notch up the maturity scale. Suddenly, the house is awash with bright, fun-loving twenty-three and twenty-four year olds. This kid is a magnet, a natural born leader. It will be interesting to see where his post-college years take him.

I've been loving every minute of it. Honest to God, I've had more side-splitting fun and pure enjoyment spending a couple of hours shooting the shit with these kids than I've had at 95% of the dinner or cocktail parties I've attended over the last five or more years.

I don't know whether that reflects more on me or on my social life. It's been said that twenties and sixties have a lot in common because they're more focused on having fun and being in the moment. The thirties and forties ahead of and behind them tend to be consumed with money, power, and other concerns related to securing the future. Even though it's an extremely broad generalization, maybe there's some truth to it.

Cynics, however, would suggest that it's merely a manifestation of my arrested development. I plead nolo contendre.


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