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Monday, July 15, 2002

Are You Willing To Say Thanks?

Jeneane sends out the following, quite legitimate bitch:

"FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I've been on Daypop and Blogdex for three days, with 300+ visitors a day (my average is 91). Do you think anyone has passed me a folded up note saying, "psssst. cool. check out my blog." Not one. This, my friends, is depressing. This is anti-conversational. This is not cool."

No, Jeneane, it ain't cool--not one little bit. I quoted Halley Suitt on this topic a few months ago. It's worth quoting again. Please allow me the repetition. She wrote this back to me in response to my having thanked her for making supportive comments about my blog:

"I swear, I can't get over how little people appreciate others' efforts for the most part on a day-to-day basis. Actually, it's even worse than that. People DO appreciate others efforts, including well written blogs, books, good music, good deeds, but RARELY take
the time to say so.

I think the neglect leads to ... hurt feelings,misunderstandings, grudges, general unnecessary
sadness and even WARS for god's sake.

Bloggers toil for nothing. They provide us with an amazing panorama of words, thoughts, feelings, experience, knowledge, and beauty. You're getting this whole cornucopia for free, godammit! I mean, c'mon now, if you like someone's blog, the least you can do is TELL"EM.


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