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Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Blogging Blahs

Jeneane announces a hiatus from blogging. She doesn't say for how long. We all hope it's brief. But, hey, she says she's gotta handle some stuff. So go do whatcha gotta do, gal. We'll wait.

Geez, If Jeneane's out of the picture for awhile, we really ARE in the summer doldrums. Guess I shouldn't be too hard on myself for having my own problems putting up content these days.

Is it just me, or does it seem like there's a lot of boring stuff lately in the blogosphere? I know it IS me to the extent that I simply glaze over the seemingly endless War/Peace stuff. It disappoints me when the "personal bloggers" that I love to read somehow get bitten by this bug and venture off into the dismal swamp of warblogging. If I want to know something about the subject, I'll consult the NY Times, Washington Post, or other authoritative source.

I’m probably risking heresy and excommunication here, but I've reached the point where I just don't give a shit what bloggers have to say about the War Scene. War sucks; Peace is wonderful; Hate sucks; Love is wonderful; Bush, Cheney and Gang suck; the Dems suck; Sharon sucks; Arafat sucks; Saddam sucks; Osama sucks. I already know that. Meantime, we have to keep on living. That's what I like to read about.

I know, I know. One of the blogosphere's greatest functions is that it provides a vast, immediate forum for the exchange of ideas. It was just such an exchange that was the spark for me starting my own blog (David Weinberger's "writing ourselves into existence on the Web. Together." and Jeneane's response.). So I certainly don’t mean to dismiss this aspect of blogging.

I'm still very stimulated by bloggers' idea-exchanges, especially in such areas as popular culture. But my greatest pleasure occurs when bloggers are writing about themselves and their experience of living their lives--giving us a peek into what it's like to be them--which invariably gives us a peek into ourselves.

As for the War/Peace stuff, I'll take a pass. Not that I don't care about it. I manage to get quite passionate about it sometimes. It's just not what I'm looking for when I go to blogs.


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