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Sunday, July 28, 2002

A Writer and A Gentleman

Eric Olsen of Tres Producers not only is an outstanding blogger (one of the best IMO); he's a damn fine gentleman as well. He takes a moment from his busy day to send me some writerly advice on how to keep my blogging head above water.

Considering the source, it's welcome info indeed. Here's a guy who provides prodigious yet constantly interesting output to the blogosphere. You bet I'm going to listen to what he tells me:

"don't think about WRITING, just think about ideas you want to convey. Writing is just the mechanism for conveying those ideas, of which I KNOW you have a vast reserve. Tell stories from your past, comment on what other bloggers have up, comment on the news, it's infinite. Best of luck."

Thanks, Eric, for thinking of me, and for the nice mentions in your blog. It means a lot! Thanks, also, for the great post today on The Velvet Underground! It's one of those seminal yet neglected groups, I'm sorry to say, that has a tendency to fade into the background of one's consciousness. Eric's informative piece snaps it right back to the front again, where it belongs.

I'm headed off to the local CD shop as soon as I have the opportunity.


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