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Sunday, August 11, 2002

Fun Days Ahead

This site is about to be going into August recess. Jill and I are preparing to head out to Santa Fe and Taos. Then it's up to Portland for a family wedding. We'll be back after the Labor Day weekend. I'm still old-fashioned enough that I don't take along any electronic devices when I'm on vacation. I think it violates the whole idea of taking time off. Between now and the time we actually get underway, things are going to be on the hectic side, so the postings will probably be pretty thin.

I think I've finally got the Iraq blogging out of my system. I wish I hadn't allowed myself to get sucked into it. It's not what people read my blog for. Readership seems to have evaporated. Emails and quotes have been conspicuously absent. I should have known better.

I was trying to express my frustration with the opposite extremes on either end of the issue--the "warblusterers" (to use Doc Searls's phrase) on the one end; and the peace-at-any-price folks on the other. However, the aftereffect of jumping into this did not feel good. I strayed from who I am as a blogger--which, among other things, is to leave the politics to others. Even my wife says she's not interested in reading my blog until I get off this war shit. That ought to tell me all I need to know about the direction my blogging should be taking.


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