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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

The Honor of Silence

The most appropriate way to observe September 11, IMHO, is with silence. I’ll post no entry tomorrow. I’m so sick of the media frenzy. The media is truly an ass—especially television, May a 1000 journalism blogs bloom.

An acquaintance of my wife’s was in a building directly across the street from the WTC and saw the plane hit. Only recently has she been able to return to anything approximating normal sleep. Now the friggin’ TV has stirred it all up again. She’s hopping mad and I don’t blame her.

It’s a disgusting spectacle of sentimentality--most of all the way that the Bush crowd is playing on the frayed feelings of the country--conveniently directing attention away from the state of the economy—just as election season gets underway.

The possibility of an illegal, horrible war, plus a return to GOP control of the Senate, is looming large. Meet me at the nearest cave. Meanwhile, I will respectfully observe the honor of the fallen ones with my silence tomorrow.

Which reminds me, none other than Laura Bush has advised that people keep their TV’s turned off tomorrow. Nice to see that there’s one person anyway with some class in that family.


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