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Thursday, October 17, 2002

West Wing Goes South

Is it just me, or has West Wing gone from boffo to stinko? I loved that show for its first two seasons, but now I find it nearly insufferable.

Martin Sheen is great as always, but he isn’t enough to carry the show by himself. I can’t stand listening to those politico smart-asses with their machine-gun delivery of sleep-inducing minutiae of political maneuvering. If the Democrats were really like that, then, heresy of heresies, they deserved to lose.

There’s no suspense at all. Do they expect us to believe that Sheen is going to lose his bid for re-election, thereby ending the show? And what about that conflagration with some imaginary Middle Eastern dictator? What a pathetic attempt at being topical!

I read somewhere that the audience is down over a third from last year, and dropping. Add me to the reduction.


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