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Saturday, December 07, 2002

Blogiversary Oversight

Last week, when I acknowledged the first anniversaries of the blogs of Elaine and Dervala, I somehow let a third and equally worthy one slip through. I’m speaking of Denise Howell’s Bag and Baggage. It’s been a year of solid accomplishment in which Denise manages an artful combination of the personal and professional, and covers legal issues in a way that’s both interesting and comprehensible to the layman, as well as useful to the professional. No small feat.

Happy belated blogiversary, Denise! Hope your nasty cold is letting up. It sure doesn't seem to slow you down. My apologies for the oversight.

Wow! Denise, Dervala, and Elaine all starting within a day of each other. If there’s a planet that controls female blogging, it must have been spinning like crazy during the last week of November 2001!


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