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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

True Prime

Happy 40th to Ray Sweatman—one of the great Atlanta bloggers whom I discovered a few months ago--thanks to his fellow Atlantans, George Partington and Jeneane. I’m a day late, but what the hell?

People who turn 40 seem to have to take a lot kidding about being over the hill, creaky joints, diminished mental capacity, etc. It’s a complete load of crap—a leftover from our grandfathers’ day when 30 was middle-aged, and 40 was the beginning of the end. In this day and age, the needling would be appropriate for turning 60--but 40? Are you kidding?

As a guy who’s got about a quarter-century on Ray, I told him that he will look back on his forties as the true prime—the ideal confluence of still-available energy and steadily-developing wisdom. Enjoy it all, Ray!


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