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Sunday, January 19, 2003

Tinkering With Testosterone

Elaine is fantasizing about a strategy to bring under control the more unpleasant aspects of male behavior:

"Now, if we women understand that it makes both our lives and the lives of all around us better if we get our estrogen and progesterone under control so that we don’t become PMS bitches, why don’t the guys recognize that controlling their testosterone levels would make them so much humane and loveable. It wouldn’t make them less 'male,' just as controlling our hormone levels doesn’t make us less 'female.' "

C'mon, Elaine, you will never get a guy to willingly lower his testosterone level, ever. We're insecure enough as it is. We will have to evolve our way to more peaceful behavior, I'm afraid. It will be a mental process, not a hormonal one.

And, by the way, what about the female's part in all of this? When it comes to relating to the opposite sex, we guys are mere robotic stimulus-response mechanisms—totally predictable. We respond to what we think will gain us sexual favor. If the only way we could get laid were by being peaceful, how much more effect would that have than futile attempts to tinker with testosterone?

Last time I looked, there was no shortage of women willing and eager to bed down with the warriors.


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