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Saturday, March 01, 2003

A Welcome Arrival

My favorite month has arrived—March, the end of winter, NCAA Hoops, wild skies and bracing air, daffodils, tulips—plus which, it’s my birth month (the 12th). Come to think of it, two distinguished bloggers, Denise Howell and Elaine, have birthdays right close to mine. I’m in great company.

Anita Bora has a roll of March bloggers on her blog. On checking it out, I find another member of my roll, Richard Cody, celebrating his 36th in just a few days (the 4th). Richard’s being treated to a weekend at Big Sur, lucky guy.

Anita’s not on her own list, but if she’s not a March baby, then why would she be highlighting March bloggers? Maybe she’ll be good enough to clarify this little mystery. I’m hoping that she is in fact part of the March list, thus adding further luster to an already select group.

Have I missed some March bloggers here? If so, let me know. And let Anita know. Maybe she’ll add you to her March list.

I should be doing yard work, but, screw it, I’m going to switch on the tube and watch my alma mater—the Indiana Hoosiers--as they take on Iowa. Unfortunately, the game means zilch as Indiana has had their worst season in thirty years.

Does anyone know what the hell happened to these guys? At the beginning of the season, I was ecstatic. Indiana was one of the best teams in the country and they beat defending national champion Mayland in an exciting game. I thought we were in for a wonderful year.

But they seem to have collapsed, and I haven’t been able to find out why. If they don’t turn it around immediately and totally, they aren’t even going to make it to the NCAA tournament--which, if you’re a Hoosier fan, is unthinkable. I can’t even remember a year where they didn’t get in.

C’mon guys, don’t spoil my favorite month!


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