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Friday, June 20, 2003

Postscript On Comments

In my previous post on Comments, I asked the rhetorical question, “What’s not to like about Comments?” Later, in the cluttered recesses of my mind, I vaguely recalled that Dorothea Salo had written something arguing against the use of Comments—not for others, but for herself.

I’m so glad I remembered because I was on the verge of asking her--somewhat impertinently--why in the hell she doesn’t have a Comments function on her blog. After all, Dorothea’s a frequent commenter in other blogs--and just the other day, she praised Invisible Adjunct for its weekly practice of citing the best comment of the week and putting it up as a post. Her praise would seem to indicate an endorsement of the Comments function.

Given these facts, I was scratching my head about her not having this function on her own blog. Then my feeble memory kicked in, and I looked up her old post on the matter. Dorothea writes with such compelling logic and politeness, I would have to say that she’s articulated an unassailable reason for not having Comments on her blog. That doesn’t keep me from wishing she’d have a change of heart. But I really don’t expect it.

I want to thank Dorothea, by the way, for introducing me to the aforementioned Invisible Adjunct—a highly interesting blog. Its “weekly award” feature has given me a spark of an idea for this blog—not an award, but some sort of daily or weekly “something.” I’m going to try to flesh this out over the coming days and see what I can come up with. I need a new wrinkle of some kind to keep this blog from fizzling again.


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