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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Comments On Comments

Very delighted to read that Halley is going to install Comments—at long last. What’s not to like about Comments? I resisted them for the first few months of my blogging life. I was afraid that nobody would comment and that the string of goose eggs at the ends of my posts would be highly embarrassing.

In actuality, installing the Comments function was the turning point for this humble blog. People would leave a comment, I would start a conversation with them, wider exposure would flow out of the conversation, and new readers would drop by. Of course, Halley hardly needs the jump-start that I did, but just think of the great conversations that are likely to be stimulated.

Facilitation of conversation and discovering new blogs are the primary positives of the Comments function. When there is no Comments function and we want to respond to something, we’re often too lazy to crank up the email. A potential conversation is lost. A potential discovery of a worthy and previously unfamiliar blog may also be lost.

I would hate to miss out on these opportunities. Just today, for example, thanks to my Comments function, I discovered another terrific blog—alembic (you’ll have to go there to find out what the word means, unless you’re extra brainy)-- authored by Maria Benet--who not only is an interesting voice, but a fellow resident of the Bay Area. It’s always an extra treat to discover the locals.

So go Halley! Get those Comments up and running. It should be wild.


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