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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Deadwood Mac

The Leptard writes today,
“I think we'll be putting Fleetwood Mac under the microscope. The real Fleetwood Mac...”

By the “real” Fleetwood Mac, I assume Brendan is referring to the full band. The latest album and accompanying tour is missing the graceful presence of Christine McVie. It’s like kicking one of the legs out from under a three-legged stool.

I happened to see them on the "Today" show the other day (disclaimer: my wife is the one who watches it. I just happen to be in the room sometimes). It was part of their US promo tour for the new album--sans Christine. It ain’t the same band, folks.

In fact, it managed to be downright boring--even though Fleetwood remains one of the most solid drummers in the business, Buckingham's guitar still soars, and Stevie Nicks’ voice seems to be improving with age. But it just doesn't come together.

Why is Christine sitting this one out? One breathlessly awaits the Leptard’s expose.


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