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Friday, May 02, 2003

Hiatus--the Long and Short Of It

Taking a short hiatus for a few days. We're driving up to Northern Nevada to visit with a long lost friend--after an inexcusably long hiatus of eighteen years.

When I say "inexcusable," I'm referring to myself. I have a miserable track record of dropping the ball when it comes to maintaining old friendships. If I could go back in my earlier life and change just one thing, that might well be it.

This should be exciting. When we last saw each other, our kids were just tykes in elementary school. Now they're all fully grown adults with significant others and lives of their own. Without doubt, there will be much picture exchanging.

We put off this trip until early May so that we wouldn't have to contend with snowstorms in the High Sierra. Guess what? It's snowing in the mountains! We had our spring in February and our winter now.

Well, I've got my tire chains, my stack of CD's (with the Dixie Chicks on top), and my own significant other. Let it snow.

See you next week.


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