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Saturday, July 26, 2003

Summer Fun, Summer Duty

The duties of summer (house renovation), in combination with the carefree, spontaneous opportunities for fun that summer offers, have wrenched me away from the blogosphere for the past ten days or so.

In the past, during these periods when my blogging would go into eclipse, I used to agonize over it, analyze it, and blog about it. But blogging about my blogging process seems to have become less appealing and definitely less necessary.

Is this a sign of moving into blog maturity? Maybe so. I mean, what difference does it make in the scheme of things if my blogging becomes thin, lightweight, or even temporarily absent? I’ve been faithfully flailing away at this fledgling craft for a solid year-and-a-half now. What’s the point of analyzing it any further?

I blog because I like to exercise my writing chops. When I don’t feel like exercising them, I don’t blog. End of story.

In my early days of blogging, I used to fret about my rankings and I would force myself to post something every day. That concern is hardly relevant any longer. My God, I’ve zoomed passed the legendary Al Shugart to the number one spot on Google for Shugart.

On doing a search on my first name (an interesting process once suggested--I think by Doc Searls or maybe Weinberger), I find myself at number 118, just behind the righteous Tom Waits, and just ahead of the equally righteous

I remember when I first started out, Jeneane was marveling over her blog having expanded to six pages of listings on Google. This seemed beyond my wildest imagination. I’m now at 17 pages and counting, and Jeneane is probably in triple digits.

It’s all bloody amazing.


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