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Saturday, December 27, 2003

Noontime Noodling

Frank Paynter seemed no worse for the wear after his mighty gastronomic adventures here. Looking surprisingly spry, we met at the lobby of his high-rise hotel on Union Square. A great area to spend the holidays.

I suggested a pan-Asian/microbrew joint nearby (there’s a California configuration if I ever heard of one), and Frank seemed pleased. We had a most enjoyable couple of hours as we dawdled and conversed over a shared platter of assorted satays, crispy noodles, and dipping sauces. I, of course, indulged myself with a microbrew. Frank hasn’t touched the stuff for many years.

Having covered everything from blogging, marketing, the tech-world, marriage, kids, Vietnam War-era stories, politics, and what-have-you, we strolled back up the street, brisk and sunny after five miserable days of rain, and bid our goodbyes.

Getting together with fellow bloggers—especially sharp and friendly guys like Frank—is one of my favorite, and all too infrequent pleasures.

Happy New Year, Frank, and have a good trip back home! Oh, and lest we forget--Happy Birthday!--and good luck in decompressing from all that SF cuisine.


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