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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Groping In The Dark

Shelley asks, “is there anyway we can get you an RSS feed?”

Well, gosh, Shelley, I wish I knew. Dummy that I am, I don’t know how to set one up.

I recently registered myself at Bloglines and am now enjoying the fruits of faster blog check-ins. I now understand why there’s all this noise about RSS. You damn betcha I would like people to be able to check in on my blog this way. It’s some pretty amazing shit.

But there’s this little problem of getting the RSS feed. Is there a program that generates the code for you? I sure as hell hope so.

As wonderful as RSS seems to be, I do have one concern. How are people going to know that I’ve been visiting them? How am I going to know who visited me? Not having this knowledge would really subtract, I think, from my pleasure in blogging. Is losing this worth what you gain?

Well, I guess the answer doesn’t matter. The train has clearly left the station on this issue, so it behooves me to get on board—if only I could figure out how to do it.

Postscript: I may have lost a step or two lately, but there’s still a little bit of life left back there in the dim recesses of the gray matter. I was able to conceive the absolutely brilliant idea that RSS feeds might be available if I upgraded to Blogger Pro.

Pretty amazing, huh? Turns out that I was right. Just one little hitch, though. Blogger is no longer accepting upgrades!

WTF? You’d think with the Google takeover they would be extra eager to take your money. Now what? I really don’t feel up to moving off of Blogger. I’ve grown so comfortable with it, and never had a problem.

Maybe moving off isn’t such a big deal. But the thought of it makes me quite nervous. Advice, anyone?


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