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Monday, December 01, 2003

One-Handed Blogging

Huzzahs for Denise Howell, who delivered her baby, Tyler, on Thanksgiving Day! Having been present at the birth of my two children without knowing their sex in advance (I don't think it was even possible back then), I had previously congratulated Denise on her decision to buck the popular trend (now that you can find out the sex ahead of time) and wait to be surprised. When you don't know, it's more exciting than the top 100 suspense movies of all time rolled into one as you witness the delivery unfold.

(Aside: thanks to all the activists of the 60's and 70's who lobbied tirelessly for winning permission for fathers to be present in the delivery rooms. It was still a rather new thing when my kids were born. It's the quintessential bonding experience--not to mention being able to be there for your wife).

(Second Aside: I have an extra reason to be excited about this birth--Jill and I were enjoying an evening with Denise in Mendocino when she was newly pregnant, but none of us yet knew it. Being unaware, D downed a few more glasses of the local wine than she probably would have otherwise. We later joked that Tyler--formerly known as BH--Baby Howell--may grow up with a predilection for Mendocino County Chardonnay).

There are no more dauntless or dedicated bloggers than Denise. And this time she's outdone herself. She managed to post while in the early stages of labor, and again just two days after the birth. As one of her commenters noted, she'll have one-armed blogging down in no time flat.

Meantime, I'm repairing to Tyler's gift registry that's been set up on Amazon. What a great idea! The Web never ceases to amaze.


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