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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

A Trend In the Making?

My oldest son, Aaron, has returned from a most intriguing weekend. He was a guest at a “camping wedding.” Seems that the wedding party and guests spent the weekend camped out at the Point Reyes National Seashore. The bride and groom got hitched in the great outdoors with the Pacific as a backdrop. Then the assemblage partied it up, picnic style.

Man, this is a wedding I could get behind. Does it signal a trend away from the insanity of fancy 20K-and-up weddings that seem almost de rigueur these days? Are we going back to the grand old days of hippiedom where outdoor weddings on the cheap were the rage, and what mattered was not the splendor of the gowns or the reception venue, but the vibes?

I know that this is an area where I’m hopelessly out of date, but I just can’t fathom these break-the-bank weddings that so many brides feel entitled to these days. If you can afford it, by all means do it. But for many, it requires going into serious hock. Just imagine, it’s the equivalent of buying a new car, but instead of getting a decade of good transportation, you get a day of fun, a video, and a photo album.

As one friend cleverly put it, it’s like buying a new car, driving it around for a day, and then pushing it off a cliff. But does the bank forgive the loan? Yeah, right.

Well, with all the job cuts going on---at least in these parts—maybe do-it-yourself outdoor weddings are on the rebound. At least we’ll have one thing to appreciate Bush for.

For a taste of what it used to be like, may I refer you to an account of my very own 1973 wedding? A lot of readers seemed to enjoy it when I first posted it, so I’ll link it for those who may have missed it.


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