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Friday, September 12, 2003

Egg On Face

Apologies to Shelley who, it turns out, did NOT express displeasure about my comment to her post.

This is what happens when I grope around the blogosphere after 9pm. I should have been sipping some warm milk and reading a book in preparation for bedtime.

In my semi-comatose state, I didn't even bother to read from whom the comment came that expressed the displeasure.

In my defense, I feel obliged to point out that the actual commenter, bmo, wrote his comment as if my preceding comment was addressed to him rather than to the blog’s author, Shelley. This led to my knee-jerk reaction that the commenter must have been Shelley. C’mon, it was Shelley’s blog to which I was responding, not bmo. This was her blog we were in, not his.

Yes, I fucked up, but why does bmo think my comment is about him rather than Shelley? If I had been addressing his comment, I would have said so.

If memory serves, Shelley gave a rap on the knuckles a while back to yours truly and other commenters for engaging in cross-conversation in HER blog. I learned my lesson. At least that’s one error I didn’t commit this time.


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