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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

B or C?

Ouch! One whole week since my last post. Well, I did have a serious computer meltdown to deal with, plus various other duties. Those are my convenient excuses. I’m not going to cop to laziness, mental sluggishness, or advancing dottiness, even if they're all true.

Mike Sanders has calculated that, if you’re a C-list blogger, Tuesday is the optimum day for blogging. So I’m right on track with his strategy.

Am I a C or a B-list? I would think that Mike would be a B, even though he calls himself a C. What defines the difference? Perhaps, at the very least, you have to post daily to be a B-list. It would be interesting to see if there’s any consensus on this. Unfortunately, I may have lost so many readers by now that I'll be unable to generate any opinion on the matter--and am thereby a C by default.

It’s probably entirely moot anyway. Even before my weeklong hiatus, hits have been way, way down. Is it a supreme act of chutzpah to even toy with the possibility of being a B-list? I realize that it matters zip in the scheme of things. In spite of that, I can't seem to help being curious about it, even at the risk of being accused of preoccupation with triviality.


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