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Friday, August 15, 2003

Heading South

Literally, that is, not figuratively. We’ve decided to go gallery hopping, beach slumming, and margarita sipping in LA, San Diego, and Santa Barbara for the next week. Normally at this time of year, we grab a plane and go someplace more distant. But we’re saving our pennies to go to Europe next year, so we want to do something low key—no planes or rental cars.

Haven’t been down to the Southland since the kids were in school, and thought it would be nice to enjoy a relaxing, adults-only visit, free of the mandatory kid-centered treks to places like Disneyland, etc. Besides, with the economy and government of the formerly Golden State going to hell in a hand basket, I figure we’d better do a road tour before the roads turn to un-repaired rock piles—which could happen with this group of bozos trying to steal the governorship.

As I’ve noted before previous vacations, “vacation” means vacating—and, for me, that includes leaving the computers behind. See you when I get back.


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