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Monday, July 28, 2003

How Many Ways Can You Say “Blogging?”

My wife, not one to be reticent about offering her opinion, upon reading my post of Saturday--wherein I once again discussed the ups and downs of my blogging process—had this to say:

”You’re blogging about not blogging about blogging—which makes no sense at all because blogging about not blogging about blogging amounts to blogging about blogging.

Can’t you just jump into writing about whatever you have to write about? Who cares why you weren’t blogging for a while?”


Well, as sya pointed out in her comment to that post,

“Hm. Blogging about blogging. I'm not sure if one can totally erase that particular aspect about weblogs. It seems pretty endemic to this online activity.”

To which Richard Cody adds a simple “Amen.”

If you’re a blogger, the process that blogging involves occupies a sizable chunk of your consciousness—which is the main reason I find myself at times entertaining the notion of quitting. It’s a reason often cited by some of those who’ve already hung it up.

It’s probably true that people aren’t that interested in reading about it. Yet, take the case of Corante On Blogging. It devotes itself entirely to this subject and attracts a good following—one that includes this humble blogger.

Artists, for example, will always be concerned about and talk among themselves about the process of creating art. Ditto scientists about doing science. Ditto any other field of endeavor. Why should it be any different for bloggers?


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