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Sunday, July 27, 2003

Sexagenarian Club Gets Sexier

I can’t handle the burden all by myself. Our club needs a new infusion of sex appeal. Fortunately, help arrived yesterday in the form of the still-raunchy Mick Jagger.

Happy Birthday and welcome to the club, Mick! You’re the ultimate role model for those of us who give the finger to the calendar.

As the big day arrived, Mick was in Prague for tonight’s big concert in the park. I’m teasing my son, Jon, who was studying in Prague last year, that he went there a year too soon.

The Mick reportedly gave a private concert last night to celebrate his entrance to our club. Vaclav Havel and assorted friends. I wasn’t on the list.

Actually, I had my special moment with Mick thirty-one summers ago, on a wild and wacky Tuesday afternoon, of all times. I was standing not more than twenty feet from the legend and his band as they rocked, growled, and pranced for two solid hours during an impromptu, unscheduled performance in a small gymnasium (a converted ice rink, actually—which will be a clue for you rock trivia experts).

It was a one-you-tell-your-grandchildren kind of experience. So how did Fortune manage to smile upon me in such an unforgettable way? You’ll have to stay tuned as I don’t have the time to go into it just now. At a more relaxed time later in the week, all will be revealed.


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