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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Bay Area Bipolarity

In the Bay Area, we are blessed with two superb baseball teams, the A’s and Giants. The playoffs begin today and we urge our teams onward toward a repeat of the 1989 A’s-Giants World Series (minus the earthquake, please).

Meanwhile, on the football side of the coin, we thought we were going to be similarly blessed. Sadly, the Raiders, and especially the 49ers, have been complete busts so far. At least the Raiders have creeping Age as an excuse. The 49ers have none.

After more than twenty years of brilliance, minus a couple of seasons of rebuilding, it ‘s hard for we 49er admirers to accept that we have a merely average team. I guess the time has come for us to absorb a bit of training in humility.

In the meantime, Go A’s!! Go Giants!!


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