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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Catching Up

Once again, I’ve fallen hopelessly behind on my blog surfing. There’s been some good stuff on the community of blogging, especially from Elaine and Frank Paynter. They, and other esteemed bloggers, are reminding me that every time I exile myself from the blogosphere, I’m depriving myself of community experience, not a wise move.

As Elaine points out: “We need lots of different kinds of communities in our lives. Blogging surely fills some of those needs.”

Helping to massage this need is Jeneane’s declaration of “National Blogging History Month,” and her dredging up of a number of first posts.

And I want to acknowledge Frank for sharing his BloggerCon pix and for pointing me to Griff Wigley and the outstanding work Griff is doing with business blogs. I’ve been a skeptic on business blogging, but Griff might cause me to change my tune.


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