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Thursday, October 09, 2003


A hearty welcome to my latest additions to the roll: Goldblogger, a marketing blog by Jason Cain--offering an unconventional and somewhat Rageboy-esque tone for unconventional marketing types like myself; and Stuart Bridgett, a young blogger from the UK. Stuart joins Syaffolee in the under-25 contingent of my blogroll. (Lindsay Vaughan was another one, but she’s taken down her blog, strangely, almost immediately after proclaiming, in her words, “Fuck it. I’m back.”)

I’m always impressed when young people like Syaffolee and Stuart can write with the kind of insight and perspective that belies their lack of years. It’s not a matter of writing talent, but of voice. I know middle-school kids who have writing talent to burn, but being able to project a unique voice before the age of 25 or so is a rare talent indeed.


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