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Friday, January 16, 2004

More Ramble

A couple of interesting tidbits from my life this week. First, my wife was interviewed on the satellite radio network, Sirius, by Dr. Mike Riera on his show, "Family Talk". If you're curious and would like to hear Jill do her stuff, Riera's page has a link to the audio (right-had column--Tue.1-13). If you have school-age children, I recommend it. Jill's message is helping a lot of parents--especially those consumed with anxiety over their perceived inability to be "good enough" parents.

The producer spotted one of our ads and, interest piqued, issued an invitation. I say "our ad" with a touch of pride since I'm the one doing the marketing. Feedback from the show was gratifyingly positive. I'm becoming more confident that when we get this thing rolled out on CD (her seminar), it's going to go over very well. That would sure ease a lot of the budgetary strain that's been building up around here.

I'm sure many bloggers have experienced the phenomenon of someone from their distant past discovering their blog and initiating contact with them after an absence of many years. It's clearly one of the pleasures of maintaining a blog. This past week, an old college buddy sent me one of these missives, and it was a most welcome surprise.

It did have one downside, however. I Googled the guy's name to see if I could find anything on what he'd been up to. The results that were served suggested that he had become a prominent tax law guru. This came as a surprise because he had been a marketing guy when I last saw him.

"No," he writes back, "that's my son, Fred, Junior. He was on Capitol Hill for several years and than served in the first Bush Administration."

The first Bush Administration? Clunk. C'mon, for crissake--even given the fact that Fred, Senior is maybe a couple of years older than me, how could I possibly have a peer with a kid that was in the first Bush White House?

Totally out of my reality. All of my friends and I have only been empty-nesters for a mere handful of years. As I've noted in previous posts, I'm married to a Boomer and hang with a Boomer crowd. But sometimes my true age gets tossed unexpectedly in my face. I must confess, though, that general aches and pains are becoming more frequent--and unwelcome--reminders.

Finally, one other pleasant event during the week. Saw one hell of a good movie--"Gloomy Sunday"--a small German flick with little publicity. It was playing at that gem of a cinema house--the Rafael Film Center over in Marin County--a formerly and typically defunct downtown movie theatre that was artfully restored with a lot of financial help from George Lucas and other saviors.

The film takes place in Budapest in the 30's and 40's. Since the theatre is located in Maria Benet's neck of the woods, and since I think she's a former resident of Budapest, I would have liked to have invited her to join us, but we decided at the very last minute on the spur of the moment. Well, maybe next time, Maria.

Ok. End of ramble. Maybe now it won't take so long to get my next post up.


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